Due to the ever growing importance and diversification of the nonprofit sector, the Nonprofit Accounting is particularly pertinent and up-to-date. The environment in which these entities operate demands the presentation of useful information so that it can convince the general public of the crucial role they interpret. As such, the information, both of financial and non-financial character, generated by these entities assumes itself as the adequate informative support to the management. Objectives: – Analyze the various financial statements that present accounting and proceed to their interpretation. -Interpret the facts most relevant property of these non-profit entities. -Identify the existing accounting standards nationally and internationally. -Interpret accounting standards, the measurement criteria applied to various accounting problems. -Learn to analyze and interpret a management report of a nonprofit.



Objectives: – To understand the importance of strategic management in the third sector; – To identify main strategic differences between Nonprofit and For profit organisations; – Analyze the concepts related to organisations growth and development; – Analyze and formulate strategies for organizations in the third sector. Syllabus 1 – Introduction to strategy. 2 – Market and nonprofit organisations sector. 3 – Strategic analysis. 4 – Strategic formulation. 5 – Strategy and information



Objectives: Analyze Human Resource Management integrated in the 3rd Sector organizations. Understand the importance of volunteering to the operation and success of the 3rd Sector organizations. Syllabus 1. Human Resource Management – fundamentals and tools. 2. Analysis and job description, recruitment, selection, reception and integration. 3. Management training. 4. Performance evaluation. 5. Volunteering the 3rd Sector.



– Know the various elements of innovation and change
– Understand the importance of innovation in the third sector
– Understand the importance of collaborative strategies
– Identify the impact of social innovation in the third sector

1. Social Innovation
a) What is Social innovation
b) Who promotes Social Innovation
c) How to generate ideas
d) Develop prototypes and pilot ideas
e) Assessment and Scaling up
2. Social Entrepreneurship: Methods and Techniques



-Know the various elements of the Marketing Mix
– Understand the importance of nonprofit marketing;
-Differente social marketing, cause-related marketing and marketing of the nonprofit organizations;
-Understand the importance of a marketing strategy, as well as their adaptation to different audiences;
-Learn to set policy appropriate marketing mix to different target markets.
-Know how to structure a marketing plan
-Understand the importance of branding for nonprofit marketing
-Identify and understand specific nonprofit marketing applications

1- Marketing Fundamentals
2 – Nonprofit Marketing
3 – Marketing Plan
4 – Branding
5 – Specific nonprofit marketing applications