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11th International Week / 3rd ATHENA International Week

The International event will take place in Chania from the 27th to the 31st of May 2024.

The topics will be:

  1. Pedagogies & Technologies for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.
  2. Soft and Research Skill Development.
  3. University Fairs. 
  4. Workshops in Cultural Communication on how to write & coordinate an Erasmus Project, Inclusivity & Diversion.
  5. Projects’ Dissemination activities.
  6. Round Tables for Internationalization and Challenges the IRO Offices face.

All the information will be uploaded to the following website (under construction).

The registration form is open and you can reserve your position and start the process.

Please do not hesitate to propose your lecture/presentation on topics related to the above. You can do it through your application form.