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Apply for a scholarship for the European Master EMINENT

The Erasmus Mundus Master’s programme EMINENT (European Master on Embedded Intelligence Nanosystems Engineering) offers attractive scholarships for its best applicants. Starting in October 2024, EMINENT is a showcase model for collaborative teaching in ATHENA. Courses take place at up to four different universities in Europe.

Applicants to the EMINENT programme are automatically considered to receive a scholarship. The scholarships have a duration of up to two years and cover travel and living expenses through a monthly payment of 1,400€. To keep a scholarship for the entire duration of the study programme, grant holders must successfully pass the first two semester modules with an average grade of 2.7 (in the German grading system).

The application link as well as all information about the admission requirements and evaluation process are available on the EMINENT website:

Students that are accepted to the programme but not awarded a scholarship can join the programme at their own expenses. For all students, with and without a scholarship, EMINENT provides a health insurance that is valid in all European countries and meets the EACEA requirements.

What is EMINENT?

EMINENT is a European Master programme, co-funded by the European Commission. It offers advanced training from the nanoscale fabrication of devices and materials, including advanced sensoric and machine-learning components, up to macroscale intelligent systems and IoT interconnected devices in the information, sensing, and energy application areas.

The University of Siegen, the Hellenic Mediterranean University, the University of Orléans, and VILNIUS TECH collaborate on this joint degree programme along with the NOVA University Lisbon (Portugal).

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