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Daniela Crisan, Romanian American University, Workshop “Fractals and their applications”

Last May, 18th, ESTG received Daniela Crisan, lecturer from Romanian-American University (RAU) - Romania.

ESTG and RAU have a long and active partnership over the years in mobilities and projects.

The students had the opportunity to attend the workshop “Fractals and their applications”, where were addressed  the subjects Introduction to Fractals; Definitions; Properties; Drawing fractals; Self-similar fractals; The Mandelbrot set and the Julia set; Iterated Function Systems; The College theorem; Measuring the complexity of a shape – the fractal dimension; The Box- Counting algorithm; Fractals and multi-fractals;  Applications of fractal geometry in various domains.

During the visit, the international cooperation was also reinforced academically and in the scientific research.

Dear Daniela, thank you for sharing your knowledge with our students and your interest in cooperation with ESTG.