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Mobility report by Diogo Ferreira

Diogo Ferreira @ University of Maribor
  • Can you tell us about yourself? (Who you are and what you study)

I am Diogo, I am 20 years old and I study in the area of Law and I live in the 2nd largest city in Portugal, Porto.

I am extremely passionate about history and geography and I consider myself very knowledgeable in the area of geopolitics.

I am European and I identify myself as an Europeanist.

My professional objective is to pursue a career in a European institution because I think I can help in the development of EU.

  • How did you discover this opportunity of Mobility through ATHENA?

My university has an academic e-mail and it was through this medium that I learned about it and clarified doubts about my participation in the project.

  • What were the main goals of your visit to the Receiving University?

Having an ERASMUS experience is always important due to the exchange of ideas from people who come from different backgrounds and with different stories but my goal was to develop my knowledge in social management and organization and some issues related with Digital Marketing Strategies.

  • Did your mobility have a virtual and physical part?


Dates of physical mobility: 5th / 23rd September 2022

Dates of virtual mobility: 12th-17th September 2022

  • What did you think of the physical mobility part of the mobility?

Although virtual mobility is important for project planning and knowledge of important details of the trip, as well as activities for which we should prepare and even for later presentation of the works elaborated in physical mobility, mobility was better in the face-to-face part which leads to another type of social interaction and greater contact.

  • What has your experience been like?  

I have already participated in several Erasmus programs but this program, even due to the way it was organized, greatly exceeded expectations and the participants helped to make it a unique experience.

The organization, the Schedule and the support of the organizers was fundamental for this amazing opportunity that the EU has provided me.

  • What do you think of this new type of mobility (virtual and physical periods)?

Personally, I think this type of mobility is essential for the development of the project, because this way it is possible to make contact prior to physical mobility to answer questions, plan the trip and ask for advice on accommodation.

This type of mobility should be maintained as it helps in the planning and management of the student and even the Host University as it avoids certain emails and lengthy contacts by indirect means (like e-mail or messages).

  • What were the most exciting moments of your visit? Would you recommend Receiving University to your fellow comrades?

My favourite moments were when we had twice organised guide tours (in Kranj and in Ljubljaba – capital of Slovenia) and also the local restaurants that we had visit.

After the lectures all students were going out together and this was my favourite part of this project, the European socialization.

Also, one of the fundamental aspect of this project was the teachers.

Polona Šprajc, Petra Gorjanc and Marko Urh were the responsible teachers for the programme and they really helped solving all my doubts and previous questions.

I would definitely recommed this institution because they even organized historical tours in Kranj and Liubljiana with private guides.

  • Did your experience differ from the expectations you had of this visit?

The expectations were high but during the project they grew even more and were undoubtedly exceeded.

I really enjoyed this time and I will definitely love to go to another BIP Erasmus program.

  • Additional comments

In the faculty of Maribor we had 3 to 4 lections every day. Some of the lectures were modern communication, digital marketing, branding, programming on Java and visualization in Tableau.