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ESTG students and teachers are participating in BIP with the theme Geme Innovative Moving Entrepreneurship

Students from the Industrial and Logistics Management, Business Sciences, and Computer Networks Security degrees, together with lecturers Ana Borges and Alexandra Braga, are participating in the BIP programme at the International School for Social and Business Studies, Celje, Slovenia (Coordinator and Host Institution).

The project will encourage and develop the creativity and innovation of the participants of the short intensive program with the aim of identifying, creating, and developing international business opportunities in the field of sustainable mobility, such as the New Bike company, which among other activities, includes in its offer the possibility of selling and perhaps in the future also offering the rental of an urban electric bicycle. The mentioned company follows the example of developed countries, where city bicycles are something completely normal and expected. The company is oriented towards the future and ensuring sustainable mobility in Slovenia.

Participating students will create a business idea within the framework of a blended intensive program, which will be based on innovative approaches to existing solutions, and which can be the basis for the successful start-up and sustainable growth of new companies, as well as an excellent starting point for finding international business opportunities within the countries of which will be BIP participants.

The key focus of BIP will thus be on the practical development of creative thinking of the participants and the creation of innovations in the field of entrepreneurship with the help of the so-called innovation workshops. It is an interactive, dynamic learning environment that will be problem-oriented and will encourage two-way communication between participants and lecturers.

The goal of the BIP will thus be to prepare a business model for the company in Slovenia and will also be the basis for the development of a franchise model for the company for Slovenia. At the same time, the blended intensive program will also provide the participants with all the necessary theoretical knowledge to understand the international economic and social environment in which such innovative business ideas are to be implemented. Various aspects of entrepreneurship, the area of development and research and product improvements, new market approaches, and other skills that are absolutely necessary for the successful implementation of a business idea created in this way will be presented in depth. In particular, during the lectures, the participants will learn more about the business model Canvas and Design thinking, the development of a business idea and model. Individual lectures and workshops will also focus on the presentation of the latest guidelines for economic development within the member states of the European Union, the analysis of the international economic and social environment, and, above all, the possibilities and further development of new companies formed on the basis of innovation, as a means of bridging the global economic recession.

All participants will also strengthen their skills in using ICT tools and applications, as well as communication skills in a foreign language.



  • International School for Social and Business Studies, Celje, Slovenia (Coordinator and Host Institution)
  • New Bike company, Celje, Slovenia
  • School of Management and Technology, Portugal (Sending institution)
  • The Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania (Sending institution)