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Hafiz Hukusi Acar from Istanbul Yeni University, taught an International Workshop

On the 24th of October, ESTG welcomed Hafiz Hukusi Acar from Istanbul Yeni Yuzil University, Turkey.

The workshop focused on Vibrations in the Occupational Environment.

There are many sources of vibration in the occupational environment and from a workplace perspective, this presentation generally concerned with the potential risk to human health. Exposure in the workplace is assessed in terms of hand-arm vibration and whole-body vibration. In addition, legal controls and criteria for workplace exposure are addressed in terms of these phenomena.

The unit of frequency is hertz (Hz) and one hertz equals one cycle per second.

This workshop was held in collaboration with the Degree in Safety and Environment at Work.

Dear Hafiz, thank you for sharing your knowledge with our students and your interest in cooperation with ESTG.

This workshop is held within the scope of international promotion to the ESTG community internationalization@home.