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“International Social Entrepreneurship Competition”. Let´s create a social impact together

The event is organized by “Klaipeda - European Youth Capital 2021”, a project implemented by the Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, together with the international social innovation and business development program “ChangeMakersON” and invites all young full of ideas people to register their team and take the opportunity to develop their business idea into a real product.

If you want to have an international experience without leaving your home, you can join the online event “International Social Entrepreneurship Competition” (Tarptautinis socialinio verslumo konkursas/ International social entrepreneurship competition | Facebook), which will take place on April 22-23, 2021.

The wish is that at the end of the competition, real, new social business ideas will be born, which young people, together with the help of mentors, will be able to further develop. 

Do not miss the opportunity to develop your business idea and your skills in an environment international and multicultural. 

Registration Form: Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 ( 

Internationalization @ home: participate in a international learning experience without leaving home