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Join Life Cycle Thinking Online Course

The VILNIUS TECH Sustainability HUB is calling all ATHENA students to register for the “Life Cycle Thinking” course.

In this course students will delve into life thinking, encompassing environmental, social, and economic assessments. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of a product or service throughout its lifespan, from conception to end-of-life or recycling. Additionally, you will learn how to calculate CO2, water, energy, and other pollution footprints.


Content of the course

  1. What is Life Cycle Thinking? Why take a life cycle approach?
  2. Life Cycle Thinking for policy and business.
  3. Quantifying Life Cycle Thinking with Life Cycle Assessment.
  4. Different types of assessment.
  5. Ensuring quality and consistency: recommended methods and data.
  6. Normalisation of results, methods of comparing results of different natures, multi-criteria evaluation, and determination of weighting indicators.
  7. Life cycle assessment for decision-making and planning.
  8. Making sustainable consumption and production a reality.


Online course starts on 8th April 2024

Duration: 8 weeks. Each Monday online contact lectures: 14.00-16.25 EET.

Course with practical homework 3 ECTS.

Register Now! The deadline for registration is on 5th April 2024.

For more information click here.