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Marisa Ferreira and Alexandra Braga visited the University Mohamed Lamine Debaghine – Setif2 under the ICM Programme

During the week of June 15-19, the lecturers visited the University Mohamed Lamine Debaghine -Setif 2.

During this visit, they had the opportunity to discuss several forms of cooperation and partnership between the institutions. In the same week, Mohammed Lamin Dabaghin Setif University hosted several events related to international cooperation and exchange, including scientific delegations from Denmark, France, Switzerland, Tunisia, and Niger universities as part of the cluster of cooperation “Digital Education And Research for MENA”, an International Project on Digital Higher Education. So, the teachers had the opportunity to participate in workshops from this international project where they met researchers from other institutions, sharing teaching and research methods.

The Vice-Dean of the University of Foreign Affairs, Professor Naouel Abdel-Latif Mami, was part of the team, also participated in several activities and organized a visit to the Al-Hamdia corner in Al-Hama to study the manuscripts. In the same week, our teachers also had the opportunity to attend the Student’s Day celebrations on May 19th.

This visit allowed a high contact with this Algerian university and its students and teachers. We thank you to the University Mohamed Lamine Debaghine for this warm welcome.