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Marko Zebec Koren, welcomed in ESTG

On May 25th, ESTG welcomed Marko Zebec Koren from the International School for Social and Business School (ISSBS) in Slovenia.

Marko shared the workshop on the topic “Management Games (IM) – Tool to detect and develop management skills” with our students.

Management games are based on the premise that people learn more when they play. They are primarily oriented towards identifying and developing skills and competencies such as communication, conflict management, creative problem solving and creativity. As one of the more recent educational methods, it excludes the classic ex-cathedra classes and follows the principle of Instruction – Implementation – Evaluation. The results of this method are visible in the strengthening of theoretical knowledge, in the understanding of the general panorama and in the improvement of the decision-making process.

The most important is the fact that the process of reflection and subsequent self-reflection is triggered through play. Participants are required to think and analyze different situations, and in the next step, they must make a decision. Thus, they can very quickly observe the consequences of their decisions.

People learn more if they play!

Thank you for sharing your experiences and for participating in our project internationalization@home