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Mobility report by Rúben, Ana, Pedro & Bruno

@ Škoda Auto University

. What motivated you to choose the Erasmus programme and study abroad?

The motivation was to experience a new culture, challenge ourselves academically, and develop valuable skills like adaptability and working outside of our comfort zone.

. How do/did you envision your cultural integration in your host city? And how did it meet the expectations?

We imagined immersing ourselves in the local culture and interacting with people through parties and events. Our experience exceeded our expectations, despite the initial language barriers. We overcame challenges such as managing and living on our own, which strengthened us individually and as a group.

. Can you share one experience that you had during your experience that you couldn’t be able to experience in your home university/city?

During our mobility, we had the unique experience of skiing for the first time in Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic. This activity would not have been possible in our hometown. Gliding through the snow and getting to know the local culture gave us exciting and memorable moments, enriching our trip.

. Do you think ERAMUS+ experience will have an impact on your future career expectations?

The experience of the ERASMUS+ program will certainly have a great impact on our future careers. Our desire to interact with other cultures and diverse people has been amplified and many of us now consider working outside our country to be an interesting possibility. This experience not only exposed us to new perspectives but also allowed us to embrace diversity and globalization in our future careers.

. How do you plan to/did you overcome language barriers and communication problems in your host city?

In our host city, there weren’t many people who spoke English, and in those situations, when we found it difficult, we used translation apps.

. What was the most memorable moment for you?

It’s hard to choose just one memorable moment. But, without a doubt, the ones that stick in our minds are the outings to the Moon Bar, going skiing, playing volleyball with our teachers and classmates and socializing with other Erasmus students.

. Do you plan on coming back to the country/city where you did your ERASMUS mobility programme?

We would come back to the Czech Republic because of a deep appreciation for the culture, language and lifestyle, making it a desirable destination for return. Ultimately, returning to a familiar environment can provide a sense of comfort and belonging.

. If you could only use 3 words to describe your experience at ESTG/your host university, what would they be?

Freedom, resilience, discovery