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Ričardas Varno, lecturer from VILNIUS TECH visited ESTG 

On the 18th of April 19, 2024, Ričardas Varno lectured at the International Workshop “Copyright Law”

The main objectives of this international workshop included to foster collaborative research, innovation, and problem-solving in areas of common interest, to improve language proficiency, and promote effective communication and to address specific challenges, issues, or questions within the workshop’s domain or field of study. 

The workshop aimed to address the main features of copyright, basic principles of their legal regulation, certain authors’ rights with their basic characteristics as well as the actualities of using copyrighted material. 

Ričardas Varno has been working as a lecturer at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University starting from 2008 and graduated from the Faculty of History of Vilnius University in 1996 and the Faculty of Law at the same university in 2000. Finally, since 2005 Varno has been a member of the Lithuanian Bar Association.  

It was a pleasure to welcome you to our school!