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Süleyman Barutçu, Professor of Pamukkale University of Turkey welcomed in ESTG

To increase the international dimension of ESTG (internationalization@home), by welcoming foreign professors and practitioners from our partner universities and institutions, and promote the cooperation, last november, 23rd, ESTG welcomed Süleyman Barutçu, professor of Marketing at Pamukkale University in Denizli, Turkey.

Prof. Süleyman lectured an International Workshop about “Mobile Transformation, Mobile Revolution and Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Marketing: The Cases of Mobile Apps Design using KANO and QFD Models”. 

The workshop covered contents related to Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Direct Marketing, Information Technology, Mobile Transformation in Commerce and Marketing Concepts, B2C Mobile Service Classifications, Mobile Marketing Tools, Requirements and Barriers of Mobile Commerce in the Consumer Markets, Consumers’ Attitudes Towards Mobile Marketing Tools in Turkey before and now, Mobile Apps and Mobile Marketing Opportunities, mHealth and mShopping Designs Using QFD And Kano Models.

Dear Süleyman, it was a pleasure to welcome you!