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ATHENA Virtual Courses Economy

ATHENA are offering two virtual courses in Economics for this spring semester.

19th February | Economic Aspects of Globalisation

The aim of the lecture is to introduce the various dimension of international economics: trade under imperfect competition; factor movements and trade (migration and free movement of capital), trade and the environnement.


The lecture is split into five chapters:

Introduction: Definition of Globalization

Chapter 1: External economies of scale and the international location of production

Chapter 2: New theories of international trade, with heterogenous firms

Chapter 3: Globalization and labor market

Chapter 4: Foreign Direct Investment

Chapter 5: Globalization and the environment


11th March | European Economics

This is an introductory course to the economics of the European integration. The course has two objectives:

(i) to improve your knowledge about European economics, in general

(ii) to increase your ability to analyze economic policy questions related to European integration, European Union (EU) enlargement, or the impact of Brexit and Covid-19 on the EU.


Indicative Syllabus

Lecture 1. European history, facts and institutions

Topics: European history, Steps of Integration, European enlargements, European Institutions

Lecture 2. Trade, firms location and labor migration in the enlarged EU

Topics: Trade dynamics and economic activities location pattern, New economic geography theory, Labor migration: stylized facts, followed by a simple model of labor migration

Lecture 3. European monetary integration

Topics: Optimum currency area theory (economic and political criteria); Application to the Eurozone

Lecture 4. EU macroeconomic policies

Topics: Monetary policy, Maastricht criteria, Fiscal policy

Lecture 5. From one crisis to another: the European responses

Topics: Global Financial Crisis, Eurozone Crisis, Brexit, Covid-19 


If you would like to apply, please contact