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European Innovation Academy

JULY 14 - AUGUST 2, 2024 | Porto, Portugal 3 - weeks study abroad program about entrepreneurship and innovation. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset, build your business skillset and stand out in a competitive World.

Not your average study abroad program

EIA has never been an average summer school. EIA is an intense learning opportunity with hundreds of students from the world’s top universities coming together for an international working environment.
You will emerge into an intense and fun summer class and international working environment while creating your startup. Expect to challenge yourself every day while communicating with members from across the globe. Meantime, learn from practical, insider knowledge from world-class mentors and speakers. Obviously, be ready to pitch your startup idea to EIA’s global investor community.

Work hard, play hard, right?

International & global experience

International experience is a must for any student who would like to become successful in professional life and gain International connections worldwide. EIA study abroad is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, gain new skills and develop your confidence. EIA summer program brings together 500 students from 80+ different countries.

Practical Entrepreneurial Experience

Gain the knowledge and skills to learn everything about building your start-up. During our summer school you will have a chance to work in a team of 5 international students and jointly tackle the problems.

You will work with different types of experienced mentors who will support and lead you on this journey. All students get access to Epiprodux software, which is the most modern product management tool with real-time market data and an experiments library.

You will leave the EIA summer program with the core skills to go from an idea to a start-up. In the end, you can use this experience to decide whether a career as an entrepreneur is right for you. Nothing to lose, right?

Value to your CV

Whether you decide to pursue your entrepreneurial career or not, in a highly competitive job market, employers are increasingly looking for broad and experienced graduates. You can stand out from the field by having real-life entrepreneurial experience in an international environment. Add EIA experience to your CV to impress your future employer!

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