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Diogo Ferreira, ESTG alumnus is an ambassador for the Erasmus+ programme in Portugal

Six years ago, when I was challenged to participate, for the first time, in an Erasmus project, I never thought that after so many experiences, so many countries and so many cultures, I would become an Ambassador of the Erasmus+ program in Portugal – Euroapprentice.

The exchanges under the Erasmus+ program where I participated in as an ESTG student, emerged as opportunities to get to know new cultures and the biggest benefit, for me, was precisely the personal enrichment through sharing, while learning new customs (and some that are so different from mine!), or listen to stories about countries I knew only by name, despite loving Geography. 

For those who are more skeptical, please note that I maintain contact with these people, some of whom are in a friendly relationship that I had not considered at the begining. I came back with a completely different emotional baggage – more open to new challenges, more alert to new opportunities. 

Now, already in the job market and after finishing my degree, I am sure that this type of international experiences made me grow, understand other perspectives, and valued me in multiple ways. 

If I had to describe my experiences in one sentence, I would say like Baldwin: “I met a lot of people in Europe. I even found myself.” 

Being an ambassador is nothing more than influencing, convincing, and encouraging others to live and participate in these experiences, which are the most famous in the European Union, and for them to get to know the world around them. I accepted this challenge because I believe that participating in this magnificent program makes us better citizens of the world, more tolerant and, above all, it develops our civic participation.