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ESTG was visited by staff from the CPIFP Los Enlaces

Sonia Román, staff from the CPIFP Los Enlaces centre, visited ESTG on a mobility training programme.

The Los Enlaces Integrated Public Vocational Training Centre began operating as a secondary school in the 1985-86 academic year. It was created in response to the Educational Administration’s concern to expand this type of education in Zaragoza, which also coincided with the opening of other Vocational Training centres in the city.

This mobility allows both institutions to align their modernisation and internationalisation strategies and develop learning capacities.

Over the week, Sonia met with several services/offices – the Centre for research and innovation in Business Sciences and Information Systems; the Marketing Department; the course directors of the CTeSP in IT Cybersecurity, Systems and Networks & Development for WEB and mobie Devices; the Eco-Schools Programme; the International Relations Office; Entrepreneur Support Office; which once again enabled the enrichment of professional and pedagogical skills by strengthening the adaptability and global perspective of the staff involved.

Thank you for your visit.