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ESN Porto is giving a scholarship for your ERAMUS+ mobility

Until the 4th of May, you can apply for an ERASMUS scholarship through the ESN education project.

The non-profit association Erasmus Student Network Porto (ESN Porto) has opened applications for its project which aims to financially support, with a scholarship of 500€ in value, a student who is going to undertake the ERASMUS+ programme.

Who can apply?

Students who follow the next requirements:

  • To be a candidate for the ERASMUS+ Programme, with the respective approval of the Learning Agreement or a Letter of Acceptance from the destination institution;
  • To be enrolled in the first or second cycle of studies (bachelor’s degree and masters) in Public Higher Education or a Higher Professional Technical course (CTeSP);
  • To be in a situation of proven financial need;
  • To be enrolled in a Higher Education institution in the district of Porto.

How can I apply?

  • You will need to fill out this form;
  • In the form it’s asked of you to make a video for a maximum of 2 minutes, explaining what the ERASMUS+ programme is and what is your motivation for this experience.

You will also need some documents required for the application process, please check this link for the documents needed.

Registration will close on the 4th of June.

Don’t let this opportunity run away from you!

For more information, please check this link.

Good Luck!!