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International Workshop “A Description Distributional Effect of Cost-Of-Living Crisis: A Microsimulation Analysis” 

The School of Management and Technology at P.PORTO invites the community to participate in the International Workshop.

Date: 23rd May 2024, from 06.30 pm to 08.00 pm, Auditorium 2 

A microsimulation analysis of the distributional effects of a cost-of-living crisis would provide detailed insights into how different demographic groups are impacted at an individual level. 

By conducting a microsimulation analysis, policymakers and researchers can gain a granular understanding of how a cost-of-living crisis affects different segments of the population and identify targeted policy interventions to address the most pressing economic challenges faced by vulnerable groups. 

Invited Speaker: Zeynep Gizem CAN – Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University, Turkey  

She is an Assistant Professor at the Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University. Her programme involves international trade and finance, including economics, finance and trade. Her main interests are in the development and application of policy microsimulation models, poverty, inequality, income distribution, welfare economics, taxation, social policy, social protection, monetary policy and the quantitative analysis of large data sources (administrative, survey) to aid the design, evaluation of public policy. She is a partner of the international research group from LISER and the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). Her paper “Modelling the Distributional Effects of the Cost-of-Living Crisis in Turkey and the South Caucasus: A Microsimulation Analysis” was recently listed on SSRN’s/Elsevier Top Ten download list for ERN: Inflation & Deflation (Topic) with Cathal ODonoghue and Denisa M. Sologon. 

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