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ESTG teacher participates in a DIGITALIZED project of a European University “Una Europa”

Davide Carneiro, professor at ESTG, was in Krakow, Poland, in the scope of the DIGITALIZED project, in the context of the European University "Una Europa".

He taught a MasterClass on “The Individual in Data Revolution: Empowerment & Responsibility” for PhD students.

Nowadays, all our activities generate data, and most of our decisions are guided, directly or indirectly, by data. In a few years, we have become a worldwide network of data consumers and producers. As individuals, never have we had the power to connect and influence everything around us, people and algorithms. However, we must also recognize the responsibility that comes with that power. In such a digitized world built entirely on data, understanding the reach that data and algorithms now have on our lives is a new form of literacy. Which is key to trying to envision or even influence the role that data will play in our lives and where we as individuals will be involved. With the technological revolution underway, understanding how we got here, trying to conceive the potential futures, and discussing the role each of us plays in deciding which of these futures becomes reality, were some of the points covered in the Masterclass.

The “Una Europa” Masterclasses are a series of meetings between world-renowned researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, scientific managers, and opinion makers to discuss a selected and vital problem that falls within the thematic scope of the project.