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Partnership with IES Alfonso VIII, Spain

For the first time, ESTG welcomes IES Alfonso VIII as a partner, an Erasmus+ partner within the scope of internship programs.

Through the Higher Professional Technical Course in Sales and Marketing Management, ESTG welcomes two students for an internship program in companies located in the city of Amarante. Both companies are located in Tâmega Park, the Bebeditex and the Oliófora.

During the internship program, the students had as a plan to obtain the processing and organization of information in market research, the development of basic information for the definition of marketing policies and control of the advertising action, the management of the business logistics process, the planning and directing merchandising actions at the point of sale and carrying out operations for the purchase and sale of products and/or services. At the end of the internship, we expect students to be able to obtain and/or develop information about markets, products, services, prices, distribution and communication; manage the action plans for the purchase, logistics and sale of products and/or services and supervise so that such plans are carried out in accordance with the instructions received and the applicable legislation

Bebeditex, the company’s partners are Spanish and the company is linked to the company Valentina Bebes based in Spain. The company sells baby/child clothing mainly to the European market. The objective of the internship is yet to be defined, but the student will be able to participate in the entire process related to the reception, preparation and delver of orders. In conversation with the manager, other tasks can be defined. 

Oliófora, company dedicated to body products, the main market are hotels, SPA and other companies related to body treatments. The company is well established in Portugal and already has many customers outside the territory. The objective of the internship would be to carry out a study of the Spanish market, seeking to identify competitors and potential customers, prepare a SWOT analysis and prepare advertising material in Spanish, in order to carry out a publicity campaign.

Thanks to the companies in the region, for welcoming our incoming students in an internship program.