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ICT in Support of Precision Agriculture

The University of Maribor, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is pleased to invite you to the Blended Intensive Program with the theme ICT in Support of Precision Agriculture.

The duration of the summer school is two weeks, the first week will be carried out in person and the second week in virtual form.

Precision agriculture is an innovative approach that combines information and communication technology (ICT) with agriculture, to improve its efficiency and reduce waste. ICT in precision agriculture can help farmers monitor crop growth and soil health in real-time, leading to better decision-making and higher yields. Examples of ICT tools used in precision agriculture include drones, sensors, GPS and data analytics software, which can provide farmers with a more comprehensive understanding of their crops and land.

Applications are until the 10th of July 2024.

Dates for physical activity: 26th – 31st of August 2024

Dates for virtual component: 02nd – 06th of September 2024

Location of physical activity: University of Maribor, Slovenia


. Good level of English (B1/B2)

. Availability for both the virtual component and the physical mobility

. Students eligible for this programme are those enrolled in the following degrees: in Informatics Engineering; Industrial Management and Logistics; Computer and Networks Security; Business Information Systems

ECTS issued: 4 ECTS

Language of instruction and requirements: English

Apply here