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International Workshop “Design Thinking in Safety Engineering”

The School of Management and Technology at P.PORTO invites the community to participate in the International Workshop.

Date: June 09th | 14h30 to 15h30 | Classroom P05

Invited Speaker: Krzysztof J. Czarnocki – Lublin University of Technology, Poland

Krzysztof J. Czarnocki professor and researcher at Lublin University of Technology and member of the Council of Scientific Discipline.

He has managed more than 40 research projects, including 5 international ones. He has taught at many universities in Spain, Honduras, Mexico, Portugal. He has held the positions of Vice-Rector and Head of Department. Independently of his work at Lublin University of Technology, for almost 10 years he headed the Department of Scientific Development and then the Department of Innovation and Development at the Lublin Cancer Centre. He is a specialist at the National Research and Development Centre (Poland).

Research and teaching interests: Innovation induction with the use of Design-thinking tools, proactive strategies in occupational safety, risk and threat perception among employees, process modelling and safety climate culture, emerging processes, society 5.0.

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