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Mindelo University of Cape Verde visited ESTG

On June 2nd, the School of Management and Technology received Professor Suely Reis, Responsible for the Health area and Professor Emanuel Vieira, Responsible for the IT area from the Mindelo University of Cape Verde.

This visit was integrated with the International Credit Mobility program, in cooperation with the School of Health of Porto Polytechnic.  

During this visit, the colleagues from Mindelo University had the opportunity to visit ESTG to discuss some possibilities for future cooperation between both institutions. For that, some meetings were held, namely with the Department Directors, the Director of the Research Centre (CIICESI) and the Director of Industry Business School. After the meetings, both parties were thinking that there are great opportunities to start fruitful cooperation soon. From ESTG, we are willing to do so.  

Thank you, Professor Suely and Professor Emanuel, it was great to have this chance to receive in ESTG. 

Thank you to our colleagues from the Health School, Rosália Fonte and Rita Geriante for doing this bridge.