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Julia and Ewa participated in an internationalisation@home activity

During this week, we received Julia Koralun-Bereźnicka and Ewa Majerowska from the Faculty of Management of the University of Gdansk.

In a presentation of two different international workshops, Ewa gave the participants an insight into “Introduction to Risk Management in Corporate Finance”, while Julia talked about “Reasons for Corporate Failures”.

In the “Introduction to Risk Management in Corporate Finance” workshop, students were to be familiarised with the idea of the basics of risk management and its tools, focusing on different methods, examples, and a portfolio on the capital market.

Regarding “Reasons for Corporate Failures” workshop, it was explored the distinctions between bankruptcy and insolvency, provided a historical overview of organisational failure and the attributes of corporate success, classified the causes of failure, presented a case study, and identified the symptoms and warning signals of impending corporate failure. 

It was a pleasure once again to welcome you to our school!