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11th edition of ESTG Masters – ESTG’s scientific event

The 11th edition of the ESTG Masters, an ESTG scientific event, took place yesterday, 10th March 2021, online.

This is an event organized by the Directors of the School’s Master Degrees: Informatics Engineering, Nonprofit Organisation Management, Project Management, International Management, Integrated Management of Quality, Environment and Safety, Methods for Business Decision Making and Legal Practice.

This event, we had the presence as invited speaker of João Correia, founder and manager of the company Flying Sharks, who addressed the theme “Sharks, Mosquitoes and Rock & Roll!”. João Correia has a doctorate in commercial shark fishing and has a 25-year career dedicated to the study of these animals.

The program included the usual moments, with interventions by graduates and students from the seven ESTG masters degrees. This event finished with the “Best Paper – ESTG Masters” awards. In this scientific event, were provided a stage for the debate, conversation and exchange of ideas about the papers submitted, counting on the continuous improvement and feedback, so that students can develop new perspectives on their research themes.